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About the conference speakers:

John Alexander has been CEO and Managing Director of PBL since June 2004. He joined ACP Magazines as Group Publisher in 1998 and was appointed CEO of that company and now he is going to speak about How to maximise profits on managed funds .

Chen Zhijian is a outstanding tax agent that can help people with their taxes she was once a CEO of a tax department company that was the second biggest in Australia. she is best friends with all this speakers that are attending the conference. Chen Zhijian will talk about Minimising tax in the new environment.

David Sutherland and Louise Turner are writers about subjects as diverse as business, sport and travel, but has specialised for the past few years in Economic forecasts writing. they're a regular contributors to the economic section of the new Economic Magazine.

Priya Singh is in the business of helping people to advance their career by making right moves at the right time and to the right place. I enjoy this and it gives me real satisfaction. she has been involved in mentoring people who want to get in this industry by providing them professional guidance and motivation

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